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"Algie the Miner" 1912 Alice Guy BE NATURAL©riginal Story of Alice Guy by Alice Guy Jr

Guy's role in the history of gay cinema.As noted, she sometimes appeared in men's clothing in her own films, which were some of the earliest representations of cross-dressing on film. One of her Solax films, Algie the Minerfrom 1912, relates the story of an effeminate young man who must prove his masculinity by heading West. This film is usually cited as the first portrayal of homosexuality in American film.

algie the miner
1. The Wager
2. Algie Packs
3. On the Platform
4. Algie Meets Big Jim
5. Jim Gives Algie his Gun
6. Algie Learns to Ride
7. The Demon Drink
8. Algie Saves Jim
9. In the Saloon
10. The End of the Year
11. Back East

Algie the Miner

Scene #1: The Wager

Algie talks to Lyons while everyone watchesAlgernon Allmore goes to Harry Lyons and demands permission to marry his daughter. Lyons’s friend begins to belly laugh while the women gape at each other in disbelief. The friend whispers to Lyons, who calls for paper and a pen. He begins writing, everyone watching over his shoulder.

The note says:

February 1st, 1912

If Algie Allmore, proves himself to be a man, inside one year, he can have my daughter’s hand in marriage.

Harry Lyons

He hands it to Algie, who takes it with a little flourish and leaves the room.

Scene #2: Algie Packs

Algie holds a lace handkerchiefAlgie is almost finished packing his suitcase, deciding against the lace handkerchief before closing it up. He completes his ensemble with a delicate derringer pistol tucked into the belt of his coat.

He picks up the suitcase and goes to the door, pausing to look around the room

one last time. He leaves to catch his train.

Scene #3: On the Platform

Algie speaks to the bearded man on the platformAfter getting off the train, Algie walks along the dirt platform, uncertain where to go next. Two men approach. Algie step up to the one with a beard and asks directions. He points Algie to where he should go.
Grateful, Algie leans forward and kisses the man full on his lips, knocking his hat off. The bearded man jumps back and goes for his gun. The other man steps between them and calms him down enough to put the gun away.

This time, Algie’s thanks is more subdued: he just kisses the other man on the cheek. The second man’s reaction is much the same as the first’s. Now the beaded one steps in to protect Algie, pushing the other man away.

Algie reaches for his pistol. The men see him and wrestle it from his hand, letting it fall to the ground. They pick Algie up and carry him to a stack of nearly railroad ties.

The bearded man goes to retrieve the gun and his hat. When he sees it’s just a tiny derringer pistol, he laughs hysterically and returns to the other man, holding Algie at gun point. They decide he’s no threat and let him join their mining camp.

Scene #4: Algie Meets Big Jim

Algie sneezesThe men take Algie to the saloon, which is the camp’s headquarters. Big Jim, who’s to be Algie’s mentor, is at the bar. Algie sneezes dramatically after inhaling the saloon air, much to the delight of the others. In the background, Big Jim climbs up a stool, hanging a poster on the wall.

The bearded man fires Algie's pistol at Big Jim’s backThe bearded man sizes up Algie, having a laugh at his gun. Algie is angered that people keep making fun of it. The man grabs it from his hand and fires off a couple rounds at a Big Jim’s back. Jim doesn’t even notice.

Algie prances off with JimThe bearded man shows Algie to Jim. Jim is none too thrilled, but agrees to take him in. He leads the way to his cabin, with Algie prancing behind him.

Algie the Miner

Scene #5: Jim Gives Algie his Gun

Algie snuggles up behind Big JimBig Jim takes Algie to his cabin, rather roughly escorting him through the door. He points Algie to his new bed. “For me?” Algie mouths, cooing in Jim’s ear. Jim takes one look at him, grabs the bottle of liquor on the table, and guzzles it down. Algie takes the bottle from him before he can drink all of it.

Jim gives Algie a gunJim take the derringer out of Algie’s belt and tosses it on the table. He walks to the back wall and takes down a large revolver, handing it to Algie, who is shocked at its size. When forced to hold it, Algie nearly faints.

Algie lies on the floor, Jim standing over himJim catches him as he falls backward, carrying him to his bed. He rolls off onto the floor.

Scene #6: Algie Learns to Ride

Jim helps Algie onto a horseAlgie, now in more appropriate attire, is out with Jim, who is teaching him to ride. He attempts to use a stepping stool to get on the horse, but Jim kicks it away and demonstrates how to use the stirrups. He gets off and lets Algie try, helping him up on his first attempt. Once he’s in the saddle, Jim swats the horse with his hat and it trots away.

Scene #7: The Demon Drink

Two men carry Jim into the cabin while Algie holds the doorAlgie is alone in the cabin, cleaning his revolver. Two men carry Jim in. He’s staggeringly drunk, pointing to and cowering from imaginary adversaries in the cabin. Algie tells the others to leave.

Jim cries while Algie comforts himJim sees the bottle on the table. He sits down and holds it, eventually letting it fall and crying with his head down. Algie comforts him, helping him out of his coat and into bed.

Algie cries while Jim sleepsAfter Jim is asleep, Algie smashes the bottle and begins to cry into his handkerchief.

Scene #8: Algie Saves Jim

Algie and Jim mine while two other men watch from aboveAlgie and Jim are mining in an open pit where they come across a vein of gold. Unbeknownst to them, two men are watching from atop the ridge. Algie goes to get a sack to put the gold in, Jim, somewhat inexplicably, giving him his gun before he leaves.

Two men hold JimAs soon as Algie is gone, the two men jump on Jim, who struggles but can’t fight off both of them at once.

Algie forces the two men off Jim at gunpointAlgie run back, a gun in each hand, and rescues Jim. The two other men slink off and Algie and Jim begin filling the sack. Jim insists Algie keep all of the day’s find.

Algie the Miner

Scene #9: In the Saloon

Jim declines the camp leader’s offer of a drinkAlgie and Jim return to the saloon and report their find. The camp leader offers Jim a drink, which he declines. The leader insists Jim take the drink, and Jim begins to hesitatingly reach for it. Algie steps between them and reaffirms Jim’s answer.

Algie slaps the camp leaderStill he pushes the drink on Jim. Algie smacks it from his hand and slaps him across the face. He falls to his chair, looking away and holding his cheek. The others stand back.

Algie and Jim leave the saloon while the others watch at a distanceAlgie tells Jim they should go, taking his hand and leading him out of the saloon. The leader jumps up and challenges Algie to a shootout, but Algie just stares at him for a moment before going through the door.

Scene #10: The End of the Year

Algie shows Jim a calendarJim is playing solitaire when Algie barges through the door with a calendar in hand, pointing to the date, the 8th of February, 1912.

Jim looks distraught while Algie talks to himIn two more days, Algie will have won Lyons’s wager. Algie puts down the calendar and shows Jim his return train ticket. Jim doesn’t look. He lets the cards fall from his hand while staring vacantly into space.

Jim throws a pillow at AlgieAlgie has another surprise for Jim. He bought two tickets; Jim’s going home with him. Jim perks back up. They get their coats to leave, Jim throwing a pillow at Algie as he puts his on.

Scene #11: Back East

Jim shoots his gun on Lyons’s front step while Algie stands byAlgie and Jim stand on Lyons’s front step. Rather than knock, Jim fires off a couple shots into the ground. Inside, the whole house is sent into a panic, the butler so startled he falls onto his back with his legs kicked up in the air.

Lyons is between Jim and Algie, both with guns drawnNobody comes to the door, so Jim kicks it in. He and Algie go inside, where Lyons yells at Algie for causing such a ruckus. Algie reminds him of his wager, but Lyons is uncooperative. He’s forced to reconsider when he sees Jim pulling his gun on one side and Algie pulling his on the other. His daughter laughs while the rest are left speechless.

The End

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